Precision Honing

Our Precision Honing department has the ability to obtain extremely accurate features with a battery of Sunnen equipment. We specialize in long, small diameters using both our vertical hones and tube hones.

Our honing abilities are listed below:

• 4 Sunnen Power Hones
capacity: .060 to 3.00" I. D. up to 6.00" long

• 3 Sunnen Eclipse Hones
capacity: .060 to 4.00" I. D. up to 6.00" long

• 3 Sunnen Vertical Hones
capacity: .500 to 8.00" I. D. up to 24.00" long

• 2 Sunnen Tube Hones
capacity: .187 to 28.00" I. D. up to 72" long

• Sunnen CNC Vertical Hone
capacity: .250 to 10.00" up to 28" long

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Sunnen Vertical Hones
Sunnen Vertical Hones
Sunnen Tube HoneSunnen Power Hones